In 2009, Enough began its adventure when a group of 35 high-school students rallied together to promote tolerance and diversity; to challenge the idea that youth are significantly limited in their ability to affect real change.

Through service to others we found opportunities to connect with others on an international scale – only two years since its creation, who would have thought that a bunch of kids would help to establish and sustain two schools 7,000 miles away in Pakistan?

By 2014, however, it had becoming increasingly apparent that we simply did not have the resources to adequately organize and manage field teams in Pakistan – an absolute necessity for continuing our work. While we have accumulated a strong donor base, money could not succeed in closing the gaps where we had failed.

We are grateful to have made many amazing friends over the years, and believe they have illustrated successful models for implementing and sustaining effective programs to serve those in need and to catalyze more community-oriented projects.

While we will ensure our current projects are cared for, we point you to our friends [CDRS, Global Giving, Saba Trust] that have inspired and continue to inspire us every single day.

It has been a long and beautiful journey, but for all of us, Enough was simply a beginning.